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El Chaco

We decided to go on a trip. While choosing a region to go to, we discovered that our parents had only once been in the occidental region or the so-called 'Chaco Paraguayo'. At first, this seemed somewhat strange since it makes up more than half of the country. Then I remembered that I read something about it in some of the information I looked up before hopping on the plane. A dry, hot region with very few rain mostly inhabited by foreigners. And so began our adventure in 'El Chaco'.

The beginning of the trip was normal. We left the house with some clothes, food and a lot of water. We already knew the roads to our destination (a city called Filadelfia) were in quite a bad condition. It began with a good, asphalted road but as we went deeper and deeper into El Chaco, the road started to become more and more damaged, with lots and lots of holes in the road.

After 6 hours of driving we arrived in Filadelfia. We entered the supermarket and at first I was quite surprised be…

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