Last saturday, we went to a rally in Ypacarai (don't even think about trying to pronounce this the right way, you won't succeed). It was really fun, I never went to a rally before and I think Paraguay is the right place to do that.

The people were very enthusiastic. Most of them were already there from 8a.m but we only arrived around 11a.m. That's also the exact time it started to rain. The first rain drops that we felt were gently. But as the time went on, the rain went from drizzle to decent raining to storm and lastly to cloudburst. With the weather changing, the cars also had more and more difficulty getting through the mud.

After the race we went back to the car, had some adventures on the way including one with a giant toad and bought some chipas and empanadas for lunch.

We also met the man who won the outfit of the day.


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